utria mago


Invisible Cities – Editorial Design

Invisible Cities is a book with veiled depths and meanings hidden within the description of fifty five cities. It can be interpreted as epistemological analysis of the concept of the metropolis an human society. I wanted to materialise the structure of the book, design an object that would transcribe its essence by using a series of visual and symbolic codes. 

Reading the book becomes a personal path, an exploration, the reconstruction of a narrative. In the text, the story is developed through the interactions between Marco Polo and Ghengis Khan.

Instead of being a traditional bound book, each chapter is a different booklet. The booklets, unnumbered, can be organised following a gradient (From red to blue, the colours were chosen because of their symbolism and significance).

When manipulating the object, the reader adopts an active role in the story by physically constructing the narrative, mirroring the exchanges between the two characters due to the interactive component. Creating an interactive experience makes the book and its content more accesible for people who do not necessarily enjoy reading in the traditional way.