utria mago


Folds, the Body and the Self – Editorial Design

Folds, the Body and the Self is a publication exploring the relationship between folds and identity using print as a sensory experience. By not distinguishing shapes but focusing on the texture, it introduces the concept of haptic visuality or tactile based vision, where the eyes function as organs of touch.

The book draws a self portrait through the lens of folds, where the body is reimagined as a landscape. Sight and touch become both interchangeable and complementary.  It also explores the idea of intimacy: when we touch something or someone, we are touched back, and that exchange creates an intimate connection. The format also plays a role, because it is quite small, the reader tends to lean forward towards the book, which makes the position more intimate as well.

The text on the cover is purposely difficult to read; the focus becomes touch and the reader will “see” by touching. The book is printed on uncoated, tactile paper. The images are accompanied by a short text where “see” and “feel” work interchangeably.