You are seeing a world through the eyes of the Machine.

The visuals you will see and the audio you will hear were created by an open-source machine learning experiment transforming images into sound and vice versa.

The experience took place as follows:
(1) I created a series of what I will refer to as ‘Ambiguous Sculptures’ out of constructionn plaster in an attempt to confuse the machine: Is it skin? Is it body? It it landscape? Is it none of the above?(2) I photographed the Ambiguous Sculptures from all angles with the intention of documenting the work accurately. / (3) I used the 2D images as input and obtained a series of machine generated soundscapes. / (4) I used the resulting audio as input and obtained a series of machine generated images. / (5) I created an ambiguous thing (see the mixtape in this box) containing the outputs resulting from this experiment.

Congratulations, you are now seeing a fraction of the world —My World —through the eyes of the machine.

 — Reflecting about the format: Are cassette tapes obsolete(*)? Is that what makes thema *thing instead of an *object?

(*) The small format inconvenient for the reproduction of an image intended to be seen, and the sound quality being largely inferior to more recent alternatives.