The identity of a subject is fragmented, uncertain, unfixed, not compatible with a linear way of thinking. So is the body and its significations, that is to say the meaning-making processes rooted in the phenomenological experience of the world.

EPI/DERMIS is a body of work aiming to reflect on the dialectic relationship between the body and identity—the natural and the unnatural, the human and the inhuman, the beautiful and the repulsive—by using skin, both bridge and barrier between an inner and outer world, as a medium to code and decode the body. By participating in processes of differentiation, the elements in play create an entanglement of structures and environments that are constantly evolving.

In the form of a series of physical and phenomenological experiments aiming to explore the aesthetic dimension of experience, the project entails the performance of a body that is degendered and mobile through the re-sculpting of its surface (in other words, the re-skinning of the body). The work also engages with the transition from material to immaterial—object to screen and screen to object— by conceiving the screen itself as both a "second skin" (i.e. cyber-sensuality and the digital subject) and a barrier separating the digital and physical world.